We've all heard the phrases, "green", "eco-friendly", "all natural" but without concrete action those words are meaningless. In fact, today, many companies that have suddently turned "green" may be only interested in the green of more money.

So every time we make a purchase, we are casting a vote. We can either vote for companies that operate "business as usual" or we can vote for companies that reach beyond contemporary practices in addressing the needs of consumers, employees, communities and the environment.

And since 2008, we've all seen how the "business as usual", "bottom line above all else", greed driven mentality has hurt every community across this land.

Our small daily decisions when multiplied collectively thousands of times across the country can have a positive effect. And the small act of choosing where you purchase your printing can have a major effect.

We try to make positive decisions easier by offering recycled papers which save trees, energy and landfill space. We've offered recycled papers since 1988.

Our inks use soy and vegetable oils which reduces dependence on petroleum.

We are constantly on the lookout for economical 100% post consumer waste recycled paper to stock as our house sheets and have been very successful at replacing low percentage (30%)recycled sheets with 100% pcw.

We use environementally low impact chemicals which helps to reduce air pollution in our shop and community. Our #1 press wash is a petroleum free, agricultrual based solvent, 90% of the raw materials come from American farms.

And we recycle all of our paper and cardboard waste generated during production which helps reduce local pollution and the need for more landfills. (see Phoenix Resources)

Our commitment also includes working with and helping local and national enviromental organizations...from Sierra Clubs to the Triangle Land Conservancy and Eno River Association to the New Jersey Environmental Federation and Clean Water Action of Pennsylvania.

As a printer, we obviously use a lot of paper. Therefore, we are helping world wide reforestation with our yearly donations to Trees for the Future.

And we purchase carbon offsets to cover our electrical usage and commuting to and from work for an entire year through Native Energy. We have chosen to fund wind energy projects.


For more information on socially responsible businesses, green living, social investing and consumer boycotts, visit: GREEN AMERICA

For more information on recycled paper visit: CONSERVATREE

To learn more about global reforestation efforts and how to help, go to: TREES FOR THE FUTURE

Friends doing good work to protect the enviroment:

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