We are a small print shop that takes great pride in our goal of providing quality printing while focusing on environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

We have been offering traditional offset printing and bindery services to non-profits, environmental groups, politically progressive groups, unions and small businesses since 1980.

We started with the idea that printing is a service, a way of helping people communicate their ideas, concerns and dreams for a better community.

As members of Green America, we believe that the purchasing and investions decisions we make either promote social justice and environmental sustainability or work against those goals.

We are responsible and conscientious. And we try to offer quality services at an affordable price.

We are proud members of CWA Local 3611 and can affix the Union label to printed material when requested.


We specialize in the offset printing of newsletters, brochures, stationery, booklets, business cards and most anything a non-profit or small business needs to function.

We focus on the short to medium press runs (250 to 50,000) of one and two color printing. Also called Spot Color printing. Our ability to do full color printing is very limited and is not our specialty.

With our combination of cutting, folding and collating machines, we're able to do most bindery operations in house.

We can also provide graphic design for small projects.

(We do have some size and quantity limitations due to our staff size and equipment size, so please call or write.)



What We Offer

  • Recycled paper for all projects
  • 100% post consumer waste recycled papers
  • Recycled & alternative fiber papers
  • Vegetable oil based inks
  • Envionmentally sensitive chemicals
  • Union Label shop
  • Advice on lowering costs and increasing recycled content
  • On-site Help with mastering Graphic Design software

Typical Projects

  • Newsletters
  • Fundraising Mailings
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Booklets
  • Annual Reports
  • Postcards
  • Invitations
  • Labels
  • Small, short run books
  • Double "O" wire bound books
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