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Frederick Douglas

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Without a struggle, there can be no progress." Frederick Douglass
circa 1818-1895

NEWS and some other stuff

5/2013 - Peace Business Award Given to Grass Roots Press.

At North Carolina Peace Action's May 16, 2013 Peacemaker Dinner we were awarded the first ever Peace Business Award.

The award states "for their service to the Triangle community as a model business that embodies the values of peace, including its green practices, union label, and active support of peace and justice initiatives. We honor your leadership and vision."

It was an honor and a huge surprise to be given this award and we hope to continue working on these important issues.

For more information on North Carolina Peace Action's work, please visit their website,

peace business award

3/2013 -Recycled Paper - We told you so.

We've been promoting Recycled Paper for the past 25 years. Now a new report confirms the benefits of using recycled paper, AGAIN.

"Green America's Better Paper Project has succeeded in getting one of the largest, most influential magazine publishers in the country to admit the benefits of using recycled paper. For years, National Geographic and many other large magazine publishers have denied that recycled paper has any environmental benefit in magazine-grade paper. That's why the Better Paper Project has criticized these publishers for their massive climate-change and forest impacts. In response to our pressure, National Geographic commissioned their own life-cycle-analysis report to compare the environmental impacts between using recycled or virgin fiber in magazine paper. The results came as no surprise to us: The new study from the ENVIRON International Corporation found that in 14 out of 14 environmental impact categories recycled paper is the better choice."

2/2013 - We Celebrate 25 years on Peace St.

When we were looking to move to Raleigh in the February of 1988, we saw a "Peace St." on the map and had to check it out. We made a wrong turn into the parking lot of a diner called Finch's Restaurant, saw a "For Rent" sign and have been there ever since.

Thanks to everyone for their support all these years!

11/2011 - 10 Steps to break up with your Megabank

If you're interested in moving your money from the Megabanks who helped wreck our economy and invest in local community banks, Green America has tips for you plus a downloadable toolkit.

Just visit the Green America Breakup with your Megabank page for more information.

11/2011 - 10 Steps to break up with your Megabank

If you're interested in moving your money from the Megabanks who helped wreck our economy and invest in local community banks, Green America has tips for you plus a downloadable toolkit.

Just visit the Green America Breakup with your Megabank page for more information.

9/2011 - How much Color would you like?

We now have the ability to print short run Digital Color! This means that we can print your full color brochure, poster, business card, etc. in the exact quantities you want... with no compromise in your design.

If you need 10 color copies or 10,000 one color flyers, we now have to flexibility to deliver exactly what you need.

Festival on the Eno. July 2,3 & 4 2011

One of the premiere arts & music festivals in the country, FESTIVAL FOR THE ENO, is only 3 weeks away. Mark your calendars for July 2, 3 & 4. 10am-6pm everyday at West Point on the Eno - Durham City Park.
Music+Art+Food+Summer. What more could you ask for! For more info, visit

The Forbes 400 now have a greater net worth than the bottom 60% of U.S. households combined.

In 2009, the total net worth of the Forbes 400 was $1.27 trillion. The best information now available shows that in 2009 the bottom 60% (yes, now it's 60%, not 50%) of U.S. households owned only 2.3% of total U.S. wealth. Total U.S. household net worth -- rich, middle class and poor combined -- at the time the Forbes list came out was $53.15 trillion.
So the bottom 60% of households possessed just $1.22 trillion of that $53.15 trillion, less than the Forbes 400. read more

If so much wealth is owned by so few, then why are teachers, janitors, firefighters,etc., being vilified as bankrupting our country.

Hey NC Activists! Here's a new website designed to help people connect statewide.

organize north carolina
Do you want to connect with others working on your passionate concerns?
Want to advance Environmental Protection, Economic Justice, Anti-Oppression, Peace and Good Government? Find out what's happening with a state-wide calendar of events?

Then visit

" seeks to foster mutual support and solidarity, to help our various groups to think of themselves as part of a larger movement. Then we all can give strength to and draw strength from the movement."

Goodbye 2010...Hello 2011!

Christmas has just passed. Kwanzaa is almost over. New Year's Day 2011 is fast approaching.
Time to count our blessings.

2011 was another hard year for many (continued high unemployment, never ending wars and the rise of right wing nuts) but it did have some bright spots (repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell for one).

And we just passed our 30th year in business, starting Grass Roots Press in NYC in December of 1980!

We are thankful to have many long and loyal customers and friends who allow us to work at what we love.

Some of the projects that we have been working on as 2010 ends are for Mineshaft Magazine, WakeUp Wake County, Monthly Review, Wake County Audubon Society, Pinecone, and the Cypress Chapter of Sierra Club.

Thank you all and let's work together in 2011 for progressive change.

Is Hypocrite a strong enough word?

Conservative Republicans want more tax breaks for their millionaire and billionaire friends but refuse to extend unemployment benefits to unemployed Americans.

The staggering number below shows how many jobless people have lost unemployment benefits since Nov. 30. Never before has Congress let emergency unemployment benefits end when so many people have been out of work for so long. Call or write Congress.
Unemployment benefits were extended for 13 months due to a compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts for even the wealthiest Americans.

Tuesday, Nov. 2nd - Vote, Vote, Vote
like your life depended on it.

Halloween is only two days before election day but if Tea Party extremists get into office, election day will be the scariest day of the year.

Get out and vote. Early voting in North Carolina has already started. Check with your local board of elections for polling places.

8/2010 - We are now your source for buttons, bumper stickers, Yard signs, Magnets, etc.

Need material for your election campaign? organizing campaign? protest rally?
We can help!

We can now provide you with union made promotional material to help you get your message out.

Please call us at 919-828-2364 for a quote.

6/20/2010 - Father's Day
Day 62 of the disaster in the Gulf
UPDATE-Finally plugged! (We all hope.)

62 days of oil gushing from BP's well with no end in sight and some people are still yelling "Drill,Baby,Drill"!!??
This enviromental and personal tragedy should be the last wakeup call for everyone in the USA that we need to break our addiction to oil. We need a personal, governmental and economic change in our energy priorities. And we need it now.

We have to make different choices in our personal decisions but we must pressure government to start a push to alternative energy and conservation similar to the race to the moon.

For some ideas, visit:
NC Solar Energy Association
Yes!Solar Solutions
NC Conservation Network
Triangle Electric Auto Association
Piedmont Biofuels
North Carolina Solar Center

3/2010 - Announcing a New Service -
One on One Graphic Design Software help!

Perplexed by PUBLISHER? Interested in InDESIGN? Put off by PHOTOSHOP? Intrigued by ILLUSTRATOR? Quite baffled by QUARK?
We can help!

If you are a current customer in the Triangle, we will come to your office and help you with training on the most popular professional graphic design software. We'll answer questions, show shortcuts and explain the ins and outs of designing for print.
FREE OF CHARGE! Please call or write for details.

Not yet a customer in the Triangle? We'll still help with training but for a small fee.

For customers in Key West, Chicago, California, Hawaii, etc,. we'll also offer free face to face training, just provide transportation and lodging for two!

1/2010 - Welcome to the New Year! 2010

A new start. Time to rekindle hope after a year of misery for many and gloom for most. 2009 started out on a high with a new president, and hopes for a new reign of reason. Most of the country had rejected the politics of fear and exclusion but soon we saw more of the same from the right wing...a solid party of NO!, wackiness from Wasilla and teabagger tirades, birther lunatics, death threats against pro-health reform politicians, Democrats squabbling into inaction and a President forgetting campaign promises.
So the work of pushing a progressive agenda for equality and peace continues despite the bellowing of the right wing-nuts. Keep the faith and keep warm.

12/09 - Grass Roots unveils new web site

In a moment of insanity, I decided I wanted to learn how to write HTML code and immerse myself in the minutia of web design. As if my brain weren't full of enough trivia. Well, you are looking at the product of three months of sometimes bewildering night school at NCSU's Computer Training Unit. Any mistakes or ugliness that you see is wholly my responsibility. I promise that this site and any future ones will only get better. The goal is to provide you with something of value that is easy to negotiate and provide information, not necessarily wow you with amazing effects. (if I could even figure out how to do them!)

12/09 - Collaboration results in new 2010 calendar

Our friend, Russell Herman, organizational coach & activist, mentioned an idea to help state wide community activists better coordinate activities thruout the coming year. The result is our new 2010 North Carolina Organizers Calendar. It is a wall calendar designed so that two consecutive quarters can be hung together for advance planning. The calendar contains important election dates, major events and majory holidays.
If you'd like one of these free calendars, just ask!

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War is good. Healthcare is bad.
Why is there always enough money for war and occupation but not enough for healthcare?
What are the true values of America? Let your values be heard. Call your Congress person and agitate now!

cowboy hatJIM HIGHTOWER America's #1 Populist

One in three Americans are now poor, sapping our nation's social, economic, and moral strength.
Poverty in America: Bigger than ever and rapidly spreading. The flood of poor people in this Land of Plenty is being swollen by turbulent economic waters sweeping millions of Americans downstream from the middle class. This is our nation's true economic crisis.

read more

Copyright Saddle-Burr Productions, Jim Hightower, All Rights Reserved 1996-2013

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As an organization, we will seek to articulate a long-range vision of a radically different, peaceful world system while at the same time pursuing practical programs which can lead on a step-by-step basis towards this goal. read more

SAF logo

Congratulations to SAF on their 20th anniversary!

Student Action with Farmworkers is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring students and farmworkers together to learn about each other's lives, share resources and skills, improve conditions for farmworkers, and build diverse coalitions working for social change.

SAF works with farmworkers, students, and advocates in the Southeast and nationwide to create a more just agricultural system. Since 1992, they have engaged thousands of students, farmworker youth, and community members in the farmworker movement

Women Make Movies logo

Established in 1972 to address the under representation and misrepresentation of women in the media industry, Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. The organization provides services to both users and makers of film and video programs, with a special emphasis on supporting work by women of color.
read more

Monthly Review

For some of the most important books published on the left, look to Monthly Reveiw Press

In May 1949 Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. The first issue featured the lead article Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein.
Today Monthly Review is one of the most respected publishers in the U.S. of books on the social, political, economic and environmental problems in the world, analyzed from a leftist perspective.
read more

mineshaft logo


Mineshaft is an independently published comics and literary magazine bringing you exciting art from some of the world's greatests artists like R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Mary Fleener, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Jay Lynch, Billy Childish, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Simon, & many more!
read more


pinecone logo


PineCone was formed in 1984 and is considered the largest and most active traditional music organization in the state, with a reputation for presenting the very best in all the varied forms that make up traditional music. Each year PineCone presents 125-150 events, with approximately 100 that are free to the public. read more

bountiful backyards logo


Their all-pro team includes designers, landscapers, artisans, philosophers and educators. Together we create beautiful, diverse and sustainable edible landscapes for schools, communities, congregations and homeowners. read more

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