The most common problems to avoid in preparing files for print

#1   Missing Fonts
There are so many fonts in circulation that no one printer can have all of them. So, to get the exact font you want, you must provide the fonts that you used in the creation of your publication.

#2   Missing Graphics
When a photograph or graphic is imported into a document, a low resolution copy is usually put in place of the original and a link is then created to the original photograph. when the document is handed over to the printer and the original scans are missing, poor quality printing will result.

#3   Incorrect Color
Conventional offset presses are not like color copiers or ink jet printers. We can only print colors accurately by using the PANTONE solid spot color system where specific colors of ink are mixed according to exact formulas. (Similar to getting a custom paint color mixed at the paint store.

The problem is that some desktop programs (i.e., Publisher and Word) use default colors that can only be seen on the monitor (known as RGB colors). These colors cannot be reproduced accurately.

If your design calls for just one or two ink colors, beware of some graphic file formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG - that will never print as just one color even if they look that way on screen.

Submitting a PDF file of your design can bypass some of the problems described above, but since not all PDF files are created equal, call us for help in creating a high resolution, print quality PDF.

For more information, call or write Gary at Grass Roots Press.

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